A list of 3d printing and creation resource links

Cura and 3D Printing Using Lulzbot Mini

Learning Fusion 360 Tutorials

Fusion 360 Lesson Videos (Youtube)

Lofting in Fusion

Copy and paste Fusion 360 sketches to different designs

Working with 3D in Photoshop (video) 

Workflow for 3D in Photoshop (step by step)

Lighting 3d object in Photoshop

Image Based Light from Photo

Working with Materials in Photoshop

3D painting on objects in Photoshop CC

Overview to Creating Floorpan

Making a simple house (google sketchup video)

What Makes Photos Good For Photogrammetry

Memento Website

Video for Best practice using Memento (1hr)

Sketchfab Blog

Meshmixer Videos

Hello OpenSCAD: A quick-start guide by mathgrrl