Cura and 3D Printing using Lulzbot Mini

Printing with Lulzbot Mini (basics)

Start by turning on the printer using red power button.

Insure all cables are attached to laptop and printer.

Log into laptop for the Mini printer and launch Cura software from the dock

Import your save 3D Cura project (created on another computer) into Cura.  All saved choices should be replicated in the window and your object should be ready to print.

Replacing Filament: see video at

Press the print button to open up the controls

Type 210 degrees (standard for HIPS) and press the “set” button to set heat extruder nozzle temperature

While nozzle is heating, carefully open latch on the extruder feeding area (see video)

Once 210 is reached remove the existing filament (should just pull out) and replace with your own  Note that this is tricky as the filament must go in far enough so that you see plastic coming out nozzle tip.

Replace the filament latch securely (see video)

Press the extrude 10mm button to insure filament is coming out of the nozzle


You can now press the print button.

The Lulzbot printer will take 3-5 minutes to cool down, clean the print head and level itself before starting the print.  You must stay until the first few layers are successfully put down on the build plate.  If there are any issues at all, see troubleshooting suggestions below.

Finished Printing

Once your print is finished, the software will cool the build plate down for 10 minutes.  Please allow this to happen so your print can be successfully removed.
Finishing Steps:

Remove the object from the build place (do not touch the build plate with fingers, as oil will cause next print not to stick to platform)

Quit the Cura software (Note: sometime software will crash so you will need to force quit Cura (Command+Option+Escape) to shut it down.

Log out of Laptop

Snip remainder of filament using tools so that about one inch is sticking out of the 3D printer extruder

Turn off the power to the printer.

Issues with the print: no filament coming out, printing in the air, etc

Press the cancel button

Once printer stops, press the “Z Home button” to lift the extruder (blue bottom right corner of circle)

Let plate cool down a bit

See Cura Slicing Software Guide as PDF for more info about the printers.