Spring 2015 DS 200:

3D Printing – from abstract to the concrete

3D Printing is a Denison Seminar that blends  together the logic and problem solving aspects of math and computer science along with the creative exploration of the arts.  This course will take a ground-up  approach to all aspects of the course including aspects of design, use of software, and other related technology.   Students will be asked to design and creative devices that can be used to solve real-world problems.  As a hands-on course, students will be fully immersed in active learning, often taking the lead in their learning.  This course incorporates aspect of Art – creation, abstract thinking, and design, and Math and Computer Science – problem solving, logical thinking.

(Denison Seminars are classes that engage 8 – 16 highly motivated sophomore and junior students in interdisciplinary, extradisciplinary, or integrative topic(s) that transcend traditional departmental, programmatic, and/or divisional boundaries.  Denison Seminars are liberal arts courses that are directed to a broad and diverse student audience.  These classes require no prerequisites and have no other structural limitations.  Whether Denison Seminars will satisfy major, minor, or general education requirements other than divisional requirements will be indicated in the course proposal; each Denison Seminar satisfies a divisional GE requirement based on the instructor’s home division.)