Jack Sundberg

The goal of our final project was to collaborate with a faculty member in order to create a useful 3D object. During the summer, I work with Dr. Jordan Fantini in the chemistry department, where I carry out synthesis research. Sadly, there is limited room in synthesis for 3D printing due the organic solvents we use — they dissolve the plastic! The one piece we do use, however, is called a keck clamp. This clamp simply holds glassware together and allows us to connect a wide array of setups. It’s an extremely simple piece, but just one costs $4.00. I redesigned this clamp in fusion, testing a large number of prototypes (it’s holding together very expensive glassware, so the measurements needed to be precise to a fraction of a millimeter!). The end result is a piece that takes 10 minutes to print and costs only $0.12 (depending on the plastic you use).



Clamp Design 1:

Clamp Design 2:

For more see the Thingiverse post here.

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