Final Project – Linnea Wethekam

For our final project we were tasked with using 3D printing to create something that can be used by Denison students in the future. I teamed up with a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to create a peptide that shows the folding patterns of a protein. The model that I decided to use is called the space-filling model and is shown below. This model is a more accurate representation of the electron clouds of each atom.


Space filling model vs ball and stick model. Cite.  


In a peptide there are certain bonds that move and certain bonds that are planar and so to replicate this I am making a number of pieces. One piece is the planar peptide bond and the other piece is the beta carbon that connects the planar bonds and contains the side chain that differentiates the amino acids.


Image showing the angles that rotate. The green lines show the plane that does not rotate. Cite.

I have posted only the planar bond on thingiverse and Sketchfab. The reason the other models aren’t on there is because they are not complete. They were done to scale where 1 Å is 30 mm. 1 Å is 1*10^-10 meters.

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