Final Project – Chris Belfance


This is my final project.  I was hoping to go into a bit more detail with the pillars, but any attempt that I made to create a mildly realistic female-esc object failed pretty miserably (there is a picture below that shows the pillars I am talking about).

That said, I chose to make this at Dr. Kennedy’s request as she is a professor in the Classical Studies department and the head of the Denison Museum.  I had to do a bit of guess work for one of the sides because I could not find an image of it (must not be very interesting).  As to the actual look of the building, I think that printing at standard quality in Cura actually helped make it look a bit more Ancient.  However, I could have done more to the side that is all the way intact.  I hope that Dr. Kennedy might use this in her Ancient Greece class, if there is a section on Greek structures, otherwise may it serve as inspiration in her studies of the ancient world.

You can find the .stl file on Sketchfab or on Thingiverse.

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