Bridget’s Final Project

Coming up with an idea for this project was somewhat difficult for me–as an Econ major, I thought for a while about different potential learning tools I could create with no success. So I decided to go with my math minor and talked to Dr. Ludwig about a potential project he would find useful in his Linear Algebra class–creating vectors. I used my design with the properties of vectors in mind: magnitude was shown in the moving part aspect of this design, and the qualities of vector addition are shown as you can add these vectors tip-to-tail or at the origin.

My three-part design can be seen on Thingiverse. The cap can be seen on Sketchfab here, the arrow can be seen here, and the main body here.

This design was difficult for me and after a lot of trial and error, I’m happy with the result. It can move, hinge, and click together. It’s important to follow the printing instructions I’ve included on both Thingiverse and Sketchfab, as I learned from experience that otherwise these will not click together as intentioned. I’m excited to see if these will enhance the learning experience of linear algebra students.

Some photos of the design process:

Some photos of the printed prototype:

Ideally, I’d like these models to be scaled a little bigger so they’re more sturdy.

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