Andi’s Final Project

As a computer science major, I wanted to design something for my final project that could be used by professors in Denison’s computer science department. In the introductory level computer science classes, recursive algorithms are one of the hardest topics for students to grasp. Fractals are objects in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and these are usually used to introduce recursion. Thus, I decided to design a  3D fractal tree using recursion in OpenSCAD. Ideally, professors will be able to use the OpenSCAD code alongside the printed object to better illustrate how a recursive algorithm works. Below is the recursive algorithm followed by one such model made using the code that I’ve posted on Sketchfab. I modeled my code off of this object on Thingiverse.


The full code can be found on Thingiverse. I’ve also made the trees customizable, so that you can change the number of branches in each layer, the number of layers of branching, the branch angle, the length of the branches, etc. However, on an FDM printer, not all trees you can design using this customizer will be printable. Below are the final prints of a few different trees I designed.

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