Linnea Wethekam – Project 5

For this project we were tasked with creating part of a chess set, and I was assigned the pawn. Then the focus turned to taking a human and creating a 3D rendering/STL file of them. This process is called photogrammetry and it was by far the most difficult aspect of this project, not only because of how difficult it would be to get a good compiled file of my person. Another difficulty was with the program (Momento) that we used to get the rendering of our person. The program was not the easiest to use and that along with how we brought aspects together in Meshmixer gave me some trouble. The rendering of my friend Rachel had some issues (some from how she was dressed) but mostly with how the pictures were used to render her. As you can see in the Sketchfab post and the pictures below, her legs turned out really well but her head and most of her torso was gigantic comparatively. I was able to fix some of this with Meshmixer but not all of the problems were resolvable. Overall, Rachel did print and that is really all that this project asked for. This is also posted on thingiverse. I took about 100-110 pictures.

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