Jane Bright Project 5

For this project we made chess pieces using phototgrametry. The piece I made was the queen for the black side, for which the theme was Denison students and faculty. I used Dr. Tehver from the physics department as my model. To show that she is from the physics department I had her stand with her foot on top of a skyscraper. In the physics department there is a problem called “the skyscraper problem” that is known as the problem that makes you a physics major, and it is in a class that Dr. Tehver often teaches.

My first attempt at making the model, her body turned out okay, but her head was just a blob. I then went back and made a second model with new photos of just her head, and the result was half of a good head, and half a blob. I used mesh mixer to mirror the good side and have a fully functioning head and used mesh mixer to replace the blob with the new and improved head. I also did quite a bit of editing and smoothing to take off some of the strange bulges created by momento.


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