Project 5: Steven Duvall

For Project 5, we were all tasked with the challenge of using photogrammetry to create a replacement figure for chess pieces that fit within the theme chosen for each side of the board.  The theme that my piece had to follow was Greek Mythology, so for my piece, the rook, I decided to model it after the story of Pandora.  In order to accomplish this, I decided to have the subject in my photos wear a bed sheet, and hold a box in their hands.  The result of the photogrammetry is shown below:

A total of roughly 130 photos were used in generating this mesh.

Most of the model came out fine, however, immediately after the model was constructed, there were some holes within the model, but those were fixed with ease.  Other than that, I only needed to smooth out several areas on the model.  As far as printing was concerned, some of the supports were unable to reach the areas they are needed in, so I decided to try printing the model without supports, and while it worked out well, there are some resolution problems in a couple areas, specifically around the elbow area.

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The STL file of this can be found on Sketchfab through the embedding above, or alternatively at Thingiverse.

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