Andi’s Project 5

Our class’s goal over the last couple weeks has been to design a set of chess pieces using photogrammetry, whereby digitized images of our classmates, professors, or other community members are used to replace the standard chess piece shapes. I was assigned to make a pawn, which in our chess set is distinguished by a kneeling person rather than a standing one. I took 123 photos of my friend, Kaylah. Below shows one of the images next to the reconstructed 3D image of Kaylah in Memento Beta.


At first glance this doesn’t seem terrible, but after exporting it as an stl file and bringing it into Meshmixer, almost none of her features were defined. I spent some time sculpting her to try and make the piece resemble an actual  human. I even tried repeating the whole process with a different person and different background, but this turned out worse than my first try. Below is the final model shown on Sketchfab, or you can also find it on Thingiverse.

Here is the piece printed. It definitely looks better (and less scary) printed than it does on the computer. The right side of her turned out the best.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Additionally, my piece was supposed to be Greek Mythology themed. However, I figured her face looks scary and inhuman enough to satisfy this requirement.

Bottom line: photogrammetry is hard.

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