Project 4 -The American Cosy

Jarrett Dillenburger

The objective for Project 4 was to design and print a house that would be  one of many in a “classroom neighborhood”. I decided that I wanted to design a home that would give an “old charm” to the neighborhood. The two design that inspired my final house design are shown below as “The American” and “The Cosy”. Both of these main level homes, were designed around 1905 and were constructed throughout the Midwest and Eastern states between 1905-1914. I chose to name my home design “The American Cosy” to give credit to the original inspirations.

Comparing my design with “The Cosy” and “The American”, it can be seen that the forward portion of both design are fairly similar, including the front porch, foyer and living room setup. Based on “The American”, I opted to extend the bedroom area outwards to provide more shape to the house exterior and give increased floor space for the occupants. While “The American” did include a bathroom, “The Cosy” did not. For this, I designed my own bathroom that seemed to fit best with the style of the house.

Thingiverse and Sketchfab



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