Linnea Wethekam – Project 4

In this project we were tasked with printing for utopia. That means that each member of the class had to make a house that will eventually fit into the town that we are creating. For this project there were some requirements that had to be met which include the house being 3 ft off the ground, having a kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom minimum. After searching for house plans for a while I finally decided on my house – or at least part of it. I chose to do the original part of my house before the addition and only using the first floor. I took my floor plan from the first picture below. On of the major parts of this project is that the scale must be correct for every house so this house was built to be 5mm = 1ft.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan of the first floor of my house.

Since there are not numbers on these plans I had to use another picture of the floor plans that describes the total outside number and that is below.

House Plan

Overall look at sizes. This is upside down so the front of the house it at the top of the page.

Then I built my house up from here and only finished the first floor. The second floor which actually does exist on my house is just an open room where there should be two bedrooms a small office and a bathroom. You can see the how this worked out with the addition of the stairs and the built ins by the fireplace, this is a pretty close rendering of my house. I have posted the files to thingiverse and Sketchfab (below). Also here are some rendering that I did of the house below as well.

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