H’s House!




Our most recent task was to create a house in utopia–wow! This one took a lot of time and effort, and I still think I want to tweak it a bit more before I print it next week…there’s just so many details I could try to add! 

We had a scale of 1 foot= 5 mm, and I think it’s possible in my mind the scale was different, like, there’s some pretty big rooms in my house. But it’s what the people want these days, right?

When designing my house I went for a basic square floor-plan because it seemed reasonable, and it would give me space to get my ideas in: When designing it, I figured that since it exists in utopia, it should be accessible to as many people as possible. For instance, there are ramps from both doors for those in wheelchairs, and an elevator as well as stairs inside to accommodate those in a chair, with mobility problems, or who have limited energy due to chronic illness. All doors are three feet wide to accommodate wheelchairs as well. The very “open concept” floor-plan on the first floor and the large free spaces on the second are designed to facilitate the use of American Sign Language (a language that benefits from a large range of sight) for Deaf or hard-of-hearing people. I couldn’t think of other architectural ways to make the house accessible at the time, though I’m sure they exist–now I’m thinking that if I had lowered the windows it would have made it more pleasant for those with various forms of dwarfism.

After all of this planning, I put in the house “essentials”: kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, windows. I put in a master suite on the second floor, as well as another bedroom, an office space, and some open space that could be used in a variety of ways. Game room, desks for children to study and do homework, etc.

Below are the finished floor-plans, with things listed variously in feet/inches (their real-world measurements) or millimeters (the units with which I built it on Autodesk).

You can also find the house with most of its separate pieces on thingiverse.


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