Exploration of Superadobe Building- Thom Worm

After discovering the Homestead library’s section on alternative building techniques several weeks ago, I have been obsessed with a method of building construction referred to as Superadobe. This method is a variant of rammed earth building that utilizes continuous coils of earth-filled, synthetic tubing to build the walls of the house. This method has huge thermal stability and allows for the construction of beautiful arched walls and doors.

The first thing to notice about this home is that it is very small – this is both because the construction technique is exceptionally labor intensive and also because this is all the house I really desire – smaller buildings are easier to heat, clean and maintain. This structure is heated by the wood stove in the kitchen (also used for cooking) and a limited number of doors helps maintain the heatflow throughout the house. This house features an integrated kitchen/living room/ guest suite. The couch that is built into the curve of the house can be expanded into a bed for guests should the need arise. This building incorporates several features that I enjoy about this building style including vaulted roofs, arched doorways and curved furniture. The master bedroom features a spiral on the wall that is to be made of raised adobe, a feature common in this style of house. This house also has a large porch that has no railings (railings decrease the usability of the space and impede the view).

haus v6

Front View

haus v61

Right Side

haus v62


haus v63


haus v5


Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1485750


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