Bridget’s Project 4

For our fourth project, we were told to build a house in Utopia (or basically, a town with no cars). I decided to design a house almost identical floor-plan wise to my Nana’s. It is one story with stairs leading to a one-room attic. The exterior design of my house is also inspired by hers, and after surfing the internet, I found this image that looks somewhat similar to the look I was going for:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.31.55 AM

Exterior Inspiration

My floor plan looks like this:

FullSizeRender (2)

Floor plan (excuse my lack of artistic ability!)


I wanted the doors and windows to each have their own unique measurements rather than being the exact same shape to add a little uniqueness and a less sterile fell to my house.

After many hours of designing, my final product can be seen on both Sketchfab (body here, roof here) and Thingiverse.

Here is the exterior of the house with the roof attached:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For me, the biggest challenge was probably designing the roof. In addition, I added a few extra aspects (like a chimney and stairs) along the way while making my house, and the final product ended up being just slightly too big for the Lulzbot mini printer. Hopefully the bigger printer will be available! As you can see, I’ve separated the STL files for the roof and the house to make printing possible.

More pictures to come after I print this. I also plan on adding some extra things like window boxes with flowers, an above ground pool, and sidewalks to add a little something to this simple but classic house.


Here is the picture of my final product. I’ve designed and added an above ground, window boxes with flowers, and sidewalks. I also decorated with grass, trees, and a family.


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