Tristan Domville Project 3

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Denison’s Guiding Principles state that, “Each member of the community possesses a full range of rights and responsibilities. Foremost among these is a commitment to treat each other and the environment with mutual respect, tolerance, and civility.” However I believe that these values of respect, tolerance, and civility transcend Denison and are essential to the well being of our global society.

My sculpture seeks to capture this sentiment as these words are imprinted on the sides of three pyramids that support the sphere. The pyramids, inspired by the Vietnam War Memorial, are made of polished black marble and allow the viewer to see their reflection as they walk past. When the viewer glimpses their image, they are encouraged to internally reflect and ask themselves if they are acting with respect, tolerance, and civility not only in that moment, but in their daily lives.

The sphere mounted on top of the pyramids is made out of polished copper and is meant to symbolize the world. Copper is unique in the sense that it naturally changes over time, much as our world does. However, if respect, tolerance, and civility are removed from the world, it will surely be destroyed. Similarly within the sculpture, if any of the pyramids are removed then the sphere will not be supported and will fall to the ground.



Please view this post on Sketchfab and Thingiverse.


I have rendered the sculpture onto Denison’s campus using photoshop as seen below.


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