Project III (colin van sickle)

For our third project we were tasked with designing a sculpture intended to beautify Denison’s campus. We were asked to photograph a particular location, design a sculpture to be installed there (using Fusion 360), and combine the two into a realistic sculpture. As an East Asian Studies major one of the most interesting life lessons I have absorbed is that ‘a true sage merely reflects his environment.’ If you look at the sculpture you should see a mirror of yourself. Denison students come prepared with culturally rich backgrounds. As a result, with time, they may realize the aesthetic and intellectual beauty that makes Denison a special place. I have uploaded the design to thingiverse and sketchfab.

I chose a fairly discrete location, where staircases diverge on the walk up to the hill. Anyone taking the quickest walking route between East Quad and South Quad will see this piece. I chose to write the inscription in order to let the viewer know why there is a reflective piece of art shining at this seemingly unusual location. It can be therapeutic to take a break from the arduous walk up the hill after all. As a student who lived on South Quad for two years I can attest to this.


The materials I planned on using were stainless steel for the sphere and any other matte color or texture for the body of the sculpture. I have included below some examples of my designs with different colors photoshopped into the location.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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