Project 3 -The Me(n)tal Block (Jarrett Dillenburger)


The inspiration for this design was born from my inability to conceptualize a suitable sculpture design. I decided to transform my mental block  into a  “tangible” concept. Made from a rich dark bronze, this sculpture would stand 9 ft tall and have 8ft sides. The “block” would rest upon 4 cylindrical legs which should provide enough clearance for maintenance crews to trim the grass below the sculpture. The sculpture will also be offset from the sidewalks enough that events such as the Fall Involvement fair or the Spring Asvetalia, which require space near the sidewalks, are not significantly impeded. Each of the four sides include a small slit that passes through the entire block which allows a viewer (at the correct angle) to have an unbroken view through the sculpture.


Since a great many Denison students are affected by their own mental blocks while studying on the Academic Quad,  it seems fitting for such a sculpture to be situated at the center of the Academic Quad.


Born from my own inability to conjure a creative sculpture idea, The Me(n)tal Block represents the struggle involved in forging new art, writing papers, developing scientific procedures, and other academic endeavors. While a mental block can be difficult to navigate around, if one can find the right angle, it is possible to see through their mental block.


3D Object Design:

The design of the 3D object is relatively simple. I started with a simple square block and then traced brain “folds” onto 5 of the block’s surfaces using a downloaded brain template image. Finally, the folds were extruded to create depth on the surface of the block. Four cylindrical columns were added to the bottom the object to serve as base supports on the ground.


The Me(n)tal Block.


The Me(n)tal Block. At the angle, a view is able to see through the sculpture, which represents the ability for students to see beyond their own mental blocks when they are able to find the correct angle/perspective.

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