Project 3: Steven Duvall


To begin my design, I wanted to create a physical sculpture that embodied the guiding principles of Denison.  Before even conceptualizing my design, I looked towards the published guiding principles of Denison, and in my interpretation I found four main points mentioned.  They are as follows:

  • Develop a framework for an integrated intellectual life, spiritually and morally informed
  • A faculty that is committed to a close interaction with students, interactive learning, and partnerships with students in original research.
  • A broad range of racial, ethnic, international and socioeconomic backgrounds in a student body of about 2,000 students.
  • Create an environment in which students treat each other and the environment with mutual respect, tolerance, and civility.

After reading all of these, I decided to create a design that would have separate parts, each embodying an aspect of the guiding principles.  This design can be seen below:

In the design above, each of the rings represents the first three bullet points stated above, each of which support each other.  However, having been attending Denison for nearly three years, I have personally found that the most important aspect of the guiding principles is that of community, and because of this, I wanted to have it be implemented in a unique way.  Having inspiration from The Chicago Bean, I wanted to have the sculpture literally reflect the community around it, and when students view the central sphere not only are they able to see themselves in the mirrored surface, but also the community and environment around them.  I purposefully designed this to help students, faculty, and staff be constantly reminded of the value of the community around them, and having the sculpture placed on the Academic Quad would ensure all of the Denison community is able to view it.


As far as actual appearance, the three rings would be 10 feet in diameter (making the sculpture 7.1 feet tall), resting at a 45 degree angle, and the center sphere would be 4 feet in diameter.  The material of the three rings would be concrete, and the center sphere is stainless steel.  The reason for the rings being concrete is to allow the community to potentially chalk the sculpture based on events happening on campus.  Finally, the inner ring, closest to the ground, is pressed in, allowing for people to sit on the sculpture as well.


For creating this sculpture, I began by creating each ring using the torus model on Fusion 360.  I then altered the spline of this torus to create a section of the torus that was wider, and a section of torus that is thinner.  After this was accomplished, I angled this ring at a 45 degree angle, and then altered the splines to create a divot on the torus where people would be able to seat themselves.  Once the single torus looked appropriate, I then copied it twice and rested these up against the original one.  Once these were placed correctly, I then created a sphere in the center of all of the rings, and then the sculpture was complete.


The STL files for this sculpture can be found in the following locations:


or alternatively at


Project 3 Steven Duvall

Image depiction of proposed sculpture

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