Old School Camera – Chris Belfance

It did not take very long to come up with my idea.  As soon as we received the assignment i I immediately began sketching out what I wanted to create to make Denison even more beautiful than it is, an old fashioned camera.  Why a camera?  Well, to me this camera represents a great deal of things.  I hope that it serves as a reminder to all our students just how far the techniques we use today have come, and not just in art.  There was a time when the camera that I depict with my sculpture was the cutting edge of technology.  Now, we have DLSRs, phones that take astoundingly good pictures, new ideas in the sciences, the list goes on.  Everything that we have today comes from some where and I believe that it is necessary to remember how we got here.  I also hope that it emphasizes how simple solutions can sometimes be the best ones.

I chose to put it outside of Mullberry House because of all the technology that is available there, but also because the lab itself is always available to students.  Hopefully it encourages students that would not normally go into Mullberry to take a chance and explore their more creative side.  I wanted to depict a fairly plain material to make it feel more like a blank canvas in an effort to stimulate the viewer’s imagination.  You will also notice that I left the piece intentionally unfinished for the same reason.

The actual process of creating the sculpture was a nice challenge.  The legs that it stands on was the most difficult part for me to conceptualize and actually create.  For a while it sat on a large pedestal, but after a helpful critique and some advice the legs replaced that.  The bulk of the piece came together fairly quickly except for the hinges on the front face of the camera.  That required several different planes in order to create the correct angles.  The lens was also an interesting challenge.  In the end I ended up putting a smaller cylinder inside the shell of a lager one and filleting it until it looked about right.  I tried using a sphere to reach the same effect, but it always ended up being too round.  Another piece that I thought was going to be difficult was the accordion looking parts on the top and bottom of the camera.  Thankfully, creating an offset plane solved the problem pretty well.

Chris Camera

This was a great deal of fun for me to create and I look forward to what is coming next.  You can find my sculpture on Thiniverse and Sketchfab as well.

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