Look Up – Thom Worm







The title of  my statue is “Look Up”. This statue represents two things. The base is inspired by patterns formed by the cooling of igneous rocks. In theory, these rocks should cool into perfect, regular, columnar hexagons. However, in practice, they take on a variety of irregular sizes and vaguely hexagonal shapes. To me, this represents the idea that the world we try to study is messy. While we are able to propose models for how things should work, the real world rarely performs exactly as it is expected to. Elevated above this bronze base is a smooth, “perfect”, ovoid. This shape represents the perfection of what we can conceive. What I mean by this is that a person is able to imagine and envision a geometrically perfect shape, such as a sphere, but creating such an object in physical space is impossible. On the statue, the ovoid shape has made an impression into its imperfect base but also floats apart from it – interpret as you will.


In crafting this statue, I looked to inspiration both on campus and in the natural world. I wished to place the statue on A-Quad and spent some time examining the surrounding buildings in an attempt to incorporate their architecture into my statue. There was an ornamental, concrete drape on the library that caught my eye. To me, the shape of the drape somewhat resembles a cradle – certainly a symbol that represents the experience at a small, hill-bound, liberal arts college. This form can be seen in the indentation on the top side of the base of my statue. The base is also inspired by columnar joint patterns in cooled, basaltic lavas, shown below. These joints form as the lava cools and contracts, splitting evenly between evenly spaced centers of contraction. The name of the statue was inspired by a piece of signage in the middle of the yard at the Homestead and is reflected in the inclined nature of the ovoid form.



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