Linnea Wethekam – Project 3

The goal of project 3 was to propose a sculpture to be placed in a specific location to beautify Denison’s campus. I have chosen to place my sculpture in front of Herrick Hall. What makes Herrick a unique location on campus is that it is a performing arts space in the middle of the Science Quad (Ebaugh, Talbot, and Olin). In fact Herrick is connected to Ebaugh through an underground tunnel. I walk past Herrick every day on my way to Ebaugh and noticed there is a mulched area right in the middle of the entry way. I decided to design a DNA Helix and have it turn into musical notes because of this relationship.


A rendering of my proposed sculpture in context with Herrick Hall

The more I think about this project the more I see how unique Herrick is. Denison is a school of arts and sciences, but the link between them is too often forgotten. DNA may be the building block of life, and notes the building block of music, but these simple things come together to make amazing and complex entities – life and the music that surrounds it. I often forget that there is art in science and science in art. So that’s why I’m proposing this sculpture because we see the deep relationship between the arts and sciences every day when we walk to class, we just don’t notice it.

I propose that the sculpture be 3 feet by 3 feet by 12 feet and be made of brushed steel, so that it stands out enough but still feels like it belongs on campus. I have posted the files on Sketchfab (below) and Thingiverse.

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