Bridget Diana Project 3

About a week ago on an unseasonably warm day, my roommate and I were walking to A-quad to do homework. She thought out loud that there should be more space to do homework outside for days like these–and I agreed. There are few, if any, good places to do homework outside on A-quad, so I decided to make my sculpture a functioning one for just this purpose.

As seen on both Sketchfab and Thingiverse, I created a bench that’s optimal for homework as it has no back and thus allows for easier utilization of space. My bench ends mimic a bookshelf, each book a unique size and shape. On the outsides of the bookends, I would like to place Denison’s crest, which you can see in my Photoshop image. I hope I don’t have to explain why this design would pertain to our academic quad–and I’m sure many readings would take place on these benches exactly. I wanted a simple but elegant design, and was happy with how these turned out. As seen, I placed two benches on A-quad, but certainly wouldn’t oppose more than this–the more working space, the better. I propose that these benches be about 72 inches long, 36 inches high, and 18 inches wide.

As for materials, I was inspired by the recycled-material nature of Barney Davis and hoped that we could use some kind of eco-friendly recycled gold or copper-ish metal material for these benches. I used the brass/metal option on Photoshop, but ideally I’d like a darker metal. Something durable and pleasing to the eye is obviously the idea.

Here you can see my rough image of what these benches would look like:


Benches on A-quad

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