Andi’s Project 3

For this project, we were supposed to design a sculpture for a specific outdoor location at Denison. I immediately thought of the back entrance, by the Mitchell athletic center; the only indicator in this space that one is entering Denison is a small, easily-missed sign, yet this is the entrance that I assume visiting sports teams use whenever competing at Denison. Thus, I decided to design a sculpture of the well-known Denison “D” that would clearly convey one is entering Denison. The symbol I added on the left side of the “D” represents strength of the mind, body, and soul, as well as humility, wisdom, and learning. I felt this was a relevant addition to my design because of the sculpture’s close proximity to the athletic facilities. sculpture

I propose the sculpture to be 3.5 meters tall, 3.27 meters wide, and 1.5 meters deep. This is large enough to grab the attention of people passing by without being too large so as to dominate the space or block too many trees. Additionally, the sculpture should be made in stone, as this will hold up well in the environment and allow for easy maintenance; if the red or white paint chips off the stone at any point, it can simply be repainted.

The sculpture design can be seen on Thingiverse or Sketchfab, and is also shown below.

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