Mary Unk’s Project 3

The assignment for this project was to create an outdoor sculpture for a specific location on Denison’s campus. I have been thinking a lot lately about how people are always looking down at their cell phones and screens, making them distant from their surroundings. Because of this, I wanted to create a sculpture that asks the viewer reconsider these actions.  I decided to do a sculpture of an iPhone that says “Look Up” to serve as this reminder. I posted my object to Thingiverse, and below is a 3D view of my piece from SketchFab

I want this to be in a very central location with a lot of foot traffic, so I chose the middle of the Academic Quad as my location for this sculpture. I would like the sculpture to be white, as it is in the photo. Also, the final sculpture will be five feet long. Below is a photoshopped image of my piece in the chosen location on Denison’s Academic Quad between Slayter Union and Doane (seen in the photo).


Photoshopped image of my sculpture on A-Quad



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