Project 2 – Jarrett Dillenburger

For my 2nd project I created a Celtic Knot style pencil holder. The shield knot has a crossing number  of 4. The print can be found at Thingiverse and Sketchfab.

Born from my need to organize the writing utensils which taken over my desk space, this pencil holder maintains a large holding capacity while also incorporating a subtle Celtic shield knot design. The project is still a work in progress, so expect changes in the overall structure in the next few weeks. Eventually, I to design and print several different Celtic knot pencil holders and give them to friends and family. I hope to explore the possibility of wrapping the knot design around the outside cylinder of the object as well.

The design was not complex to construct. After creating the shield knot design itself, I simply used the extruded function to form the cylinder and then added a round bottom edge to serve as the base of the holder.

Already, my design has seen 35+ views on Thingivese since posting on 2/26/16. Moreover, it has had almost 15 downloads and 3 “likes”. Since, I  have not yet printed my object, I hope that the design is solid for their sake. This serves as a reminder that my creations have implications and influences beyond just the classroom.



The printing process was not successful as shown in the image below. Since the object requires a large amount of materials and time to print I have chosen not to reprint. It appears that the printing error was the result of the computer/printer interface and not due to the design of the actual object.


Print Failure

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