Project 2: Household Object (colin van sickle)


For our second project we were tasked with printing a 3D object decorated by a celtic knot. I flip flopped and originally sought to build a box. My final design is a functional knife block which is used to store narrow vertical objects such as knives, tweezers, and tools. My design took a reasonable amount of time because the concept behind a knife block is fairly simple. Below are my external posts featuring the design:

thingiverse link

sketchfab link

While designing this project the biggest challenge was superimposing a .svg, the knot, onto a flat surface and properly extruding said surface. I chose to use a knot with 14 crossings in the shape of a star. I also made some of the knife slots at a slant and make a circular slot for both aesthetic and practical purposes. You may want to put a thin, non flat tool or oven thermometer into the area.


Here are some post-print images:   

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