Linnea Wethekam – Project 2

In project two we were tasked with placing a Celtic Knot on a household item. I chose to make tiles that in theory (printed with the correct material) could be used as a kitchen backsplash or in a bathroom as an accent. I first generated my knot by using a website. I would use the random button and then work from there to make my knot. After this I found a file converter website and made the knot into an SVG file that Fusion 360 could easily use. I then worked to extrude and make my knot look as though it is 3D. This was the toughest part because the file converter did not make all the edges the at angles that could be chamfer. I fixed this by changing the sketch and it worked perfectly.

Part of this project was determining the crossing number of the knot and this is difficult to see but I think mine is 5, but I could be wrong…

I have not printed my tile but I do have it posted on Thingiverse and Sketchfab. Below is the 3D rendering and some pictures of the file.

Side View

This is a topish view of the tile

Top View

This is a birds eye view of the tile

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