Hannah’s Project 2: A Keychain


For project 2, our assignment was to create a household object and decorate it with a Celtic Knot design. This was inspired by Dr. Ludwig’s knowledge of mathematical knots, and was an interesting blend of math, art, and computer science! I decided to make a keychain, because it seemed like something that I might actually be able to give to someone who would want it, and because it would be a relatively quick project for this week. (It’s been a busy time.)

To create the knot, I looked online for a pattern that was intricate enough to be exciting and also not too terrifying to try to recreate, and that could also be fitted nicely in a square the size I wanted. I uploaded the picture to Fusion 360 and then traced it using line and spline tools–I didn’t want it to be exactly like the original, I was going for a more hand-made look like the original stone-carved art would have been. Plus, it would be pretty difficult to get it exact!

Once I sketched out my knot, I extruded it onto my block so that the design was risen, and filet-ed the edges to give the appearance of the line going over and under itself. I also added a hole on one side so that it can be attached to a keyring. Printing should be pretty straightforward if it is printed with the knot on the top.

Fun fact: Remember how Dr. Ludwig likes knots? He taught us how to identify the “crossing number”, aka, the smallest number of crossings possible in any diagram of the knot. For my knot, you can see the 13 crossings below:


You can download this keychain from Thingiverse!

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