Ejay-Celtic Knot Chopstick and Utensil Holder

Celtic knots are some of the most recognized design motifs. An individual can find them anywhere ranging from personal tattoos as well as on gravestones. An interesting aspect of Celtic knots is that they are made up of various looping patterns that have mathematical properties which are seen in academic explorations such as Knot Theory.

Regarding my most recent 3D Printing quest, I decided to use celtic knotting as inspiration to  create a functional pencil holder. To do so, I got a picture of a celtic knot pattern on an open-source platform and transferred it into the CAD software. From there, I created a sketch which was then extruded and separated from the reference picture I used. I then cut out the parts of the celtic knot design where the knot would loop over and under itself. These holes are where pens, tacks, paperclips, or wherever else you want to store in it.

The biggest issue I had with this project had been the actual drafting part, particularly, the dimensions and perspective. I have to be more aware of the fact that the the sculpture preview in the software is nowhere near the actual dimensions of the height or width of the printbed. In the end, I created an object that had a crossing number of 8 (not including the intersecting, cylindrical opening).

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