Celtic Knots and Stuff – Chris Belfance

This time around I’ve decided to make something that involves a Celtic knot that I created. You can see the image of the knot on the object below.

The knot itself is one that I designed using a website that I found. After that, I exported the knot to a .png file and converted it to a .svg in order to make it Fusion 360 compatible. The object itself, a coaster holder, came about because the last object I created was a little too complex and I wanted to work with something a bit simpler. It also allows for the focus of the project to be the knot and not the object as a whole. What was going to make this a bit more complex was the knot. I had wanted to try getting the knot to wrap around, but I could not find a way to get that done. So, I just placed the knot on the bottom of the holder. I also tried to chamfer the knot, but there were some errors that came about. Essentially the knot was too tight it think. To box itself will also receive a bit of tuning up before the final print; make the exterior look a little nicer, change the edges on the top up a bit. As of right now it does look pretty boring.

(Image to come, currently the .png is on another computer)

Now just a couple of thoughts on the knot. We were also asked to find the crossing number or linking number depending on the knot. My knot, seen above, has a crossing number of 6. I’m not really sure if this is entirely correct, but based on my knowledge this is the case.

I’ll post an update when I make the print, thanks for reading!



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