Bridget Diana’s Project 2

As seen on both Sketchfab and Thingiverse, I created a toothbrush holder with a simple celtic knot design.

My first time printing this, I designed the knot using the spline tool to trace a photo. This did not go so well as the crossing points and edges of the knot were not clearly defined because I didn’t spline with the care needed to make sure the design worked. Luckily, I printed just a tiny replica to test the design, so I didn’t lose too much time and filament. To fix the design, I instead used the arc tool to trace the knot, which ended up producing a much cleaner knot anyway.

To make this look 3 dimensional, I simply applied the fillet tool to the crossing points of the knot to make it appear as if the two knots are actually crossing over/under each other.

As for supports/printing techniques, I printed this on high detail with no supports. Here’s how it turned out:


Final print

The linking number of this design would be 3. See the picture below for the calculation method:


Linking number calculation


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