Steven Duvall: Project 2

For our second project, we were tasked with taking an everyday household object and decorating it with a Celtic knot.  I immediately wanted to design a pencil holder with a Celtic knot wrapped around the cup.  While this was very difficult and time consuming to do, it was well worth the effort.

Celtic Knot Cup3

While designing this object, the main obstacle to overcome was to take a 2D drawing of a Celtic knot, and wrap it around the 3D surface of the pencil holder.  In order to accomplish this, I needed to create the 2D sketch tangent with the surface I wanted to wrap it around, and then project this sketch onto the 3D surface.  Once this was accomplished, I needed to create construction planes on each of the new 3D sketches on the object and sketch a profile that would be used to cut out the design into the cup.  In my design, this was  a rectangle cut into the pencil holder.  After this was done for each curve, the design shown above was the result.  Shown below is an image of the projection step, as it was tricky and difficult.

Celtic Knot Cut2

Printing the pencil holder was not too difficult, however, it was very time consuming as it was the largest object I have printed so far.  After designing the knot that I wanted to decorate my pencil holder with, we were tasked with computing the crossing or linking number in our knot.  The knot that I used to base my design off of is shown above, and I found that the crossing number of this knot, excluding the fact that the knot continues off of the image, is 0.  Below shows the method of counting the crossing number based off of the rotation needed to make the top line match up with the bottom line.

Celtic Knot4

The design can be navigated using the embedded 3D model, and can be downloaded at Sketchfab and Thingiverse.


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