Jane Bright – Project 2

For our second project we were to design a household object and decorate it with a celtic knot and calculate the crossing or linking number of the knot.

This project ended up going through many iterations. I started by trying to trace a knot that I liked, but decided it ended up looking too messy. I then decided to try to do a border knot and have it go all the way around my object by taking a segment of the knot and copying and pasting it next to itself to make it a continuous chain, but I discovered that the picture I had chosen was inconsistent and wouldn’t match up with itself.

I ended up choosing a shield knot with a crossing number of 48 as my decoration. The knot is all one knot (aka not a link) and does not have any extra twists, so computing the crossing number was fairly straightforward.

I really liked this particular knot because it resembles the crest for my martial art, which is my all time favorite design.

I originally designed a coaster as there is a running joke in my family that we never have enough coasters, so we are always getting more and more sets, but I then decided I wanted to make something more involved. I next designed a small cylindrical box for holding matches with the knot on the lid, but I had trouble getting the level of detail I wanted on the small surface. I tried three different iterations of the box lid to try to make it work but never got the detail I wanted. First I tried printing the lid top down so I wouldn’t have to deal with supports, but that made the image very squished. I next did right side up but still found that it wasn’t clear. Lastly I scaled the whole box up and make the groves deeper but still didn’t get exactly what I wanted. I ended up going back to my coaster as it had a bigger surface and I hoped that would help the detail level.


Match box with low detail celtic knot lid

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