Ejay- Project 1

As a kid, I had always tinkered around with objects and purposely broke them in order to see how they had been compiled and/or what they were made of. My older brother had noticed my annoying curiosity and gave me my first Lego set and my first Gundam model kit at the age of 8. As a result, I have always had an interest in breaking down the functionality and articulation of objects. With my 3D Printing Project 1, I attempted to make a rough, generalist, toy-like model of a foot and ankle ball joint that was printed in one piece (meaning no assembly required) and has full articulation within its CAD designed blueprints (AutoDesk Fusion 360).

Regarding the construction of my project, I used a flat, 2D image of a shoe and then splined the general shape which was then extruded. I then cut out a socket at the top of the shoe by creating a cylinder joined to a sphere. Inside the base of the socket, I joined a small cylindrical podium which was used to keep the ball of the leg component stable during printing process. In order to create the leg component, I extruded a large cylinder and then extruded a smaller, narrower cylinder from its center. From the aforementioned smaller cylinder, I joined a sphere that had a radius slightly smaller than that of the radius of the socket cutout made in the beginning. The shoe and the leg with the ball joint at its end were then converted into individual components and joined together making sure the ball of the leg component was attached to inner podium within the shoe component. I recommend that this object is not printed directly onto the printbed but printed in sort of a “floating” diagonal orientation in space while lofted on top of relatively thin supports.


Downloads for this print can be found on Sketchfab and Thingiverse (Link availabe on Wednesday, February 24, 2016)

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