Steven Duvall: Project 1

With the task of designing a moving object that can be realized in a single print, one of the first things that came to my mind was an object that would only be able to be created with a 3D-printer. With this goal in mind, I decided to create an articulated animal. Originally, my goal was to design a snake similar to wooden toy snakes that move side to side, however, as I began to design the rib bones, I found that it looked much more like a fish. After this realization, I focused on designing a fish that would move thanks to the joints in between each of the rib bones on the fish.


As far as designing the articulated fish, I began with a custom join, and then copied this joint until I had them all lined up together.  From this, I used an offset plane to sketch the rib bones on a single side, and then mirrored them across the x-axis to gain symmetric ribs.  After this, these rib sketches were extruded using a rectangle and then rounded towards the end of the rib.  Finally, sketches of the head and tail were drawn and then pulled up to the same height of the ribs.

There were no issues in printing the fish, however, several advance settings were needed to have the print come out as intended.  First, to ensure that all of the joints are as strong as possible, a higher infill percentage was needed, and second, the initial base layer thickness needed to be decreased.

The STL file of this model can be found by clicking “Articulated Fish” under the 3D viewer, or alternatively on Thingiverse.

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