Project 1 – Iphone stand and a failed Desktop Organ


Block Twist Flute1
by thomworm
on Sketchfab

My project one took several different forms. My first, and most time consuming, design was a prototype set of pipes and valves for a desktop organ. After several designs and runs through cura, I eventually decided there was no obvious way to print my design in one print so that it would be airtight. I intend to continue my attempts at making an organ, and its final form will likely be created in several prints and combined with gaskets from McMaster-Carr. This organ, show at the bottom of the page, was designed to play at an interval of a 5th. The closed end of the organ has a set of air splitters that should (theoretically) have directed an appropriate amount of air to each chamber so they would project a similar timbre.

My second attempt at building an articulating object took the form a small iPhone stand. I have a skype interview coming up and I figured that it would be more interesting to have a custom stand to hold my phone rather than propping it up on a book. The stand should lay out at a consistent angle, calculated to aim the phone right at my face when sitting at a desk.

Thom iPhone Stand
by thomworm
on Sketchfab

My submission for project one is a small prototype of a desktop organ I have been envisioning. I have created two chambers that should play an interval of a 5 th. Each of these chambers is connected to a singular mouthpiece that is supposed to split the airflow evenly. Each chamber also includes a valve that is supposed to cut off airflow to each tube individually. Eventually, these will become the keys of the organ. I am not certain this design will print correctly, and more revisions may be in order.

Organ on Thingiverse:

Stand on Thingiverse:

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