Moving Parts in a Single Print

Creating an object that will print all at once AND has moving parts proved to be far more difficult than I had expected. Most of the difficulty I had with this project came from planes…they would not cooperate at all. In order to remove the tops and bottoms of both torus’ I had to create new planes in order to get it right. The most difficult part with the planes came when I was trying to put the rods that would hold the object together and allow for full rotation. In order to accomplish this I had to place cylinders in the right place and create planes tangent to the cylinders in order to be in the right position. All in all, I think t might be a bit askew, but it should hold together just fine.

Getting the spheres inside the torus was actually the easy part, but very tedious. In order to make sure everything was accurate and did not end up cutting anything out of the torus, I had to place each one by hand. Doing it any other way was very inaccurate and even the way I chose to do it could have been better. Ultimately, the two outer rings will rotate freely of one another and the spheres will also move inside the rings. Just a fun thing to have lying around on your desk.

I’ll update you all when I get the first print done! Hopefully it goes off without a hitch.

Update:  This…turny thing is finally printed!  First attempt was not so great.  The spheres ended up moving around and throwing off the print, but it was very early on so no big deal. I ended up having to add supports to the entire base in order to keep the spheres in place; thankfully it only needed a few layers. Otherwise, I think the print turned out great and was not too difficult.

Here is the link to the .stl file on Sketchfab.

Here is the link to the .stl file on Thingiverse.

For those who cannot click the links or do not want the .stl file, below is an image of the object.Desk toy

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