Mary Unk’s Project 1

For the first project, the parameters for the assignment were to create an object that articulates, moves, or spins in some fashion. The trick is that it has to be printed all at once, with no assembly required. With these parameters, I decided to print a chain. In order to add a little something extra, I gave the chain a cylindrical base. Once I have completed my final print, I will provide photos.

I also uploaded my object to Thingiverse here. My object is also on Sketchfab in this post. For a 3D view from SketchFab of my object, see below.

To design my chain, I used the torus tool on Fusion 360. Each link in the chain is a torus. Further, the cylindrical base was made by extruding a circular sketch, then cutting out the center by negatively press pulling a smaller circular sketch.

When printing this object, I used a brim around the bottom and used the supports provided by the Cura Software. Below is an image of the final print:


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