Linnea Wethekam – Project 1

With our first project we were tasked with creating an object that moves or articulates in some way. I struggled for a long time trying to come up with something when I thought of a phone holder that would have a moving back support.

My design started with the piece that the phone will rest against – I splined the shape. Then I created the ledge with an extruded sketch and an offset plane. The tricky part came when I tried to do the back. I made a tube of sorts and cut through a circle where I removed 135 degrees of the circle to allow for the inside to stop. Then I made the piece that would fit inside the tube and that was a semicircle. I then added legs and supports to the legs to increase stability. Hopefully it will print! I’ll post updates (pictures and  when that happens. For now enjoy the STL file on Sketchfab and eventually it will be downloadable on Thingiverse!



Front view of my phone holder


Back/side view of the phone holder


Semi folded view of my print

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