Jane Bright Project 1

For our first project we were given the assignment to print something that can move and articulate. I was inspired by one of the labs I TA for in astronomy where we use globes and light bulbs to demonstrate how the seasons work based on the earth’s axial tilt. I wanted to make a model of the sun-earth system with the earth able to travel around the sun as well as rotate on its axis that would be tilted at 23.5 degrees, and could maintain the same axis orientation as it went around the orbit.

I decided to print the earth and sun structures separately as they could both individually fulfill the assignment to have an object that articulates that can be realized in a single print. I ended up printing my sun structure as one print, and printing each of the earth pieces separately to make it easier, and making the sun structure the object that fulfills the assignment, and the earth just bonus. My first attempt at printing I realized that my spaces weren’t big enough and both objects ended up fusing into a single piece, but when I edited my model to give more space it worked well.


The sun structure is on Sketchfab and thingiverse.


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