Jack Sundberg: Project 1

The goal of this project is to design an object that has movable parts — the tricky part, though, is that all parts need to print already assembled.

For my design, the end goal was a series of concentric rings that are free to spin. The fun in this structure is that all rings are able to move freely, and to accentuate this feature, my aim was to make it hangable. This way, I could hang the 3D print from the ceiling and have it spin freely. The challenge here is to have the connections loose enough for the rings to spin — not just by force, but freely in the wind. Therefore, I needed to make the connections as loose as possible in order to avoid static friction. The limiting factor on this “looseness”, however, is that a 3D printer can’t print in midair. Thus, I was forced to find a ‘happy medium’ for the joints: a balance between the looseness of the joints and the capabilities of the printer.

You can see the final design on the links here: for
sketchfab and for thingiverse.



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