Colin Van Sickle – Exploration 1

1.What are the current and emerging 3D printing applications in the manufacturing field?

A current trend that interests me is using 3D printing to aid car manufacturing.

An emerging trend that interests me is biomedical 3D printing. As a student of Chinese language and culture, I am excited to see items like 3D printed breathing masks in response heavy pollution problems.

3d printed car

local projects 3D printed car











2. What are the advantages and limitations of 3D printing technology?

Advantages: Design flexibility (low cost of customization), Portable manufacturing

Disadvantages: Can’t challenge current manufacturing industry in scope, lack of a user-friendly mobile application

^source: textbook

complexity graph

complexity graph


3. What are the larger implications of 3D printing with regard to manufacturing and the economy?

We can literally 3D print a car and a house for ourselves now.

We should be wary that the growth of 3D printing does not spur unemployment among human factory workers.


3D printer factory

3D printer factory


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