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I’m Hannah from Cincinnati, and I’m really excited for this class to begin. Class #1 blew my mind with information about what 3-D printing is and how it can be used to make the world more awesome! I study Women’s and Gender Studies, so we’ll see what interesting intersections emerge between it and the world of additive manufacturing.

We’re learning how to post links on a wordpress account, so here’s some feminist websites that I think are great–maybe I’ll discover good ideas for a printing project on one of them: XOJane,  Feministing, and Everyday Feminism.


This was presumably printed on a 3D printer!

UPDATE: I successfully printed something! I’m sure my grandchildren will think it’s ridiculous that I was learning how to 3D print in COLLEGE, and HOW did I survive without it! But, I’m pretty excited. I didn’t make it–we’re working on learning that part–but I did find a file on the internet and turn it into a real object! I printed a set of jumbo dice, which are theoretically balanced (though I haven’t sat down and rolled them enough times to confirm or deny this). Voila:


Jumbo dice! 

If you want to make them, I found them by user RarelyEvil on thingiverse, you can find them here!


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