Course Projects

  • Project 1: The possibilities of 3D printing.  Design a fully functional moving object that can be realized in a single print.
  • Project 2: Formula follows function.  Given a utilitarian household object, reproduce as a digital object with an aestheticized surface based on mathematical knots.
  • Project 3: Beautifying the Denison landscape.  Study a specific outdoor space at Denison and design and create a 3D sculpture to scale that will enhance and beautify the space.  The sculpture should reference the space it is enhancing.
  • Project 4: Printing utopia.  Design and create a 3D printed building to scale that will be part of a 3D town collaboration created by the class.
  • Project 5: Checkmate! After exploring the various ways of digitizing real world objects, students will design and create the pieces of a chess set using digitized images of themselves.
  • Final Project: Paying it forward with 3D printing.  Explore the larger community and identify a need for an object that 3D printing could address.  Working with this community, design and create the object that best meets their needs.
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